Jul 152010

What do you get when you bring a family from the South to a wedding in Idaho? A raucous party–especially when that family plays together in a band! Kristin and Trent’s wedding was held in McCall at the incredibly beautiful, “Blackhawk on the River.” If you’ve not read about how this wonderful couple met, be sure to go back and visit my blog post from their engagement session to read how meant for each other they are, click here. Their ceremony exit was especially fun–down a river on a raft!

Kristin & Trent, I hope your marriage together is like the rivers you love: full of placid and relaxing stretches to compliment the thrilling and exhilarating moments!

  3 Responses to “Wedding :: Kristin & Trent :: McCall, Idaho”

  1. Craig you are the man!!! We have had so much fun working with and getting to know you this wedding season. You do an incredible job capturing the moments we might have missed and the memories we will never forget. Can’t wait for the next one!

    Trent & Kristin

  2. Thanks so much for getting in contact with me. Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back with you. I’ll keep your information on file and pass it along to inquiring couples. You might also want to talk with the folks who run Sun Valley Magazine’s blog and let them know about you!

  3. Oh, and please use craig@craigwolfromphotography.com for correspondence.

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