Jun 012010

As a commercial pilot, Craig studies weather reports with a passion. So, when Craig and Brooke, who live in Alaska, chose “Sun” Valley for their wedding location–he didn’t think he’d have to be checking NOAA every few hours to see if they would be having their ceremony inside or out! This was a bit ironic because they had just left sunny and seventy degree Anchorage for a week of mixed snow and rain here in Idaho. I was impressed with Craig’s determination to have his ceremony outside and on the lawn at Trail Creek Cabin–even when a squall was visible and heading our way ten minutes prior to their start time! In the end, Sun Valley’s amazing wedding coordinators, Fanny and Nicole, convinced everyone that inside was the better option and during the ceremony, between the words of Brooke’s uncle and Pastor, the pitter-patter of drops could be heard falling upon the tent.

In the end, as with all weddings, the weather is something you simply have and work with and talk about afterward. It had no bearing on Craig and Brooke’s amazing wedding. Their ceremony was filled with emotion, the toasts were fantastic, the dancing entertaining, and the day will be remembered as beautiful!

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