May 272010

On May 8th, Carrie and Ryan were married among the vineyards and mission style buildings at the beautiful Wente Winery in Livermore, California. It was a bit cold during the ceremony and their priest humorously rambled on a bit, but coincidentally, the heart of his sermon was brought up again by one of Ryan’s best men, Michael. The magic of their words talked about the definition of love and how it is one of the rare things in life that just “is.” The essense of Love, of couples like Carrie and Ryan, of soul mates, is that of their “Isness.” Maybe you can see how there were humorous moments while these two spoke of how Carrie and Ryan “is” and “are” and that there really isn’t any other way to describe the indescribable feeling they share–that which is known as “Love!”

Their “isness” resonated throughout their wedding day–from their getting ready to the closing song on the dancefloor at 1:30 the next morning!

Jennifer and Chris of Major Diamond Productions were at Carrie and Ryan’s wedding working as their videographers–check out their fantastic same day edit here.

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