Nov 172010

Sun Valley Magazine's Blog "Hitched" cover shot with Andrea and Branden's wedding.

I’ve been working with the incredible staff at Sun Valley Magazine for a half dozen years now and have loved about every photo essay they’ve sent my way. Last year, a woman named Charlotte began working for them as a designer. Shortly after her sweetheart proposed to her (while deep water soloing in Croatia no less)–Sun Valley launched their wedding blog, “Hitched,” with Charlotte at the helm. It has been fun to read her posts these past few months and I began thinking about how she must be getting courted heavily by local vendors for their spot on her blog. I wondered which photographer she would choose. Then, with much excitement came their inquiry! Charlotte, Chatham, and I met up at The Cellar last week and everything clicked. As with every Bride and Groom who hire me, I’m incredibly flattered to be their photographer! As they both are beautiful people inside and out, crazy good graphic designers, and smitten with one another, I’m pretty sure their wedding is going to be off the charts full of moments and details my eye’s will consume like candy!

Thanks for such kind words on your blog Charlotte! For anyone who has not been to her blog, click here to read the post where she highlights Andrea and Branden’s wedding and gives the photo-nod in my direction.

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