Nov 052010

Much like last year, the local hills received an early blanket of snow and some of us obsessed skiers headed into the woods to see just how much fell from the heavens. These early forays always bring back memories from my grade school years when I would head up to Lake Tahoe for an early season opening; one year Boreal opened with 6-8″ and we loved every turn. Though, I’ve also learned my lessons about early season snow the hard way–having survived two avalanches; while early snow is exciting and gets the blood pumping for the powder days that beckon us to breath heavy on the uphill, it often deteriorates into facets and makes for instability once the real winter storms arrive adding their load.
It’s been warm the few weeks since this first snow and we have a storm coming in a few more days. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed the pre-Halloween storm doesn’t scare the shit out of any of us this season!
Pray for snow.

Sadie Dog breaking trail!

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