Oct 102010

This past weekend I was in Lake Tahoe to photograph Joelle and Martin’s wedding which was held at Northstar. Noilyn and I arrived late Thursday night and met up with the Bride and Bridegroom on Friday to walk through their rehearsal and scope the area out. Their wedding was fantastic and I’m really excited to share the images we captured for them in another few days. Though, I thought I’d sneak a few mountain biking images from the trip in here as well.

My good friend Nate (see the Olympic National Park family adventure) lives in Truckee and his gracious and beautiful wife hooked me up with her Santa Cruz Blur for the weekend. We rode our quick TC-Rim-Western States loop Friday morning and then had a blast on the Mt. Rose to Flume ride on Sunday. Riding the latter in the middle of the day was a heartbreak, it was so damn scenic and yet the light was so harsh; I’d like to revisit sections of that trail at sunset!

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