Oct 112010

Portrait of a Bride and Groom, Sun Valley, Idaho

After photographing Kristin and Trent’s wedding up in McCall earlier this year, shooting Andrea and Branden’s was like hanging out with good friends! Andrea was in Kristin’s wedding and Kristin was in Andrea’s, ie, they’re best buds. Andrea planned an exceptional wedding celebration here in the Wood River Valley of Idaho. She rented a home in Gimlet (read, mansion), and was married at the Catholic church, Our Lady of the Snows. Bridget Wright help facilitate their wedding day and was amazing to work with–as always. To speak of the weather would be to say that a Fall day doesn’t get any better; really, truly. Everything was perfect for Andrea and Branden and deservedly so. This couple is not only the kindest and most generous–but, sooo beautiful! Congratulations to you Andrea and Brandon! I hope Hawaii was pure bliss.

Candid Image of a Bride getting make-up applied

artistic wedding image of a bride getting ready

Bridal flower, ring, and shoe detail photographs

A Bride with her bridesmaids getting hair and make-up done

Wedding dress images

A portrait of a groom and his groomsmen, Sun Valley, Idaho

Noilyn’s Image:
A bride walking down the aisle at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic church in Ketchum, Idaho

A bride smiling toward the congregation during her ceremony at Our Lady of the Snows, Ketchum, Idaho

Noilyn’s Image:
The bride and groom look toward their preacher while surrounded by their grandparents during their ceremony

Noilyn’s Image:
A Bride putting the grooms wedding band on his hand during their ceremony at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, Ketchum, Idaho

Detail images of wedding cupcakes, appetizers, and table decor

Father of the Bride makes a speach

Father of the Bride sings his daughter a song

Bride reacts with laughter to a song sung by her father

Mother of the Bride looks across the pation her little girl with a smile

A portrait of a newly wedded couple, laughing against an old barn door

A portrait of a newly wedded couple while on a porch swing

A portrait of a bride

A wide angle image of the Maid of Honor giving a speech to the wedding couple inside the large tent

The Brides' best friend makes a toast

An emotional bride cries during her first dance with her newly married husband

Father of the Bride and his newly wedded daughter laugh during their dance together

The groom and his mom embrace each other during the mother-son dance

An ambient image of the wedding reception

A wedding guest holds an airline liquor bottle while her husband tries to pull the lid off with his teeth

Noilyn’s Image:
An image with a creative angle of the bride at her reception

Noilyn’s Image:
A little kid dancing at a wedding reception

A bride dancing with two guests at her wedding reception

The newlyweds dance at their wedding reception

An intimate moment of a married couple at their friends wedding

A fun party picture of three wedding guests dancing at the reception

Wedding guests surround the bride and groom on the dance floor for a fun moment full of smiles

A guest gets down on the floor and reaches out while dancing during the reception

Noilyn’s Image:
A wedding reception guest pulls his jacket back while dancing at the reception

Bride and groom embrace each other during their last dance on their wedding night

Day of Assistance: Bridget Wright
Flowers: Sue Brigman
More info to come!

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