Sep 292010

While I’ve been teaching photography for many years, never before have I had the great fortune of being asked to tutor someone during a cattle roundup! Yesterday, I had that pleasure. Kaylin Dennis hired me out to help her learn about her new Canon SLR while her father, Kelly, managed the roundup of a hundred or so head of cattle in the open country just north of their family homestead near Fairfield, Idaho. These were real cowboys who were impressively efficient with how they worked their horses and cow dogs in bringing the cattle to the corrals. Kaylin hit the ground running, learned “so much more in twenty minutes than [her] manual ever could have taught,” and I’m sure came up with some great images. Many thanks to Kaylin for arranging this session–I hope to get out and cover more of these events with you!

If you would like to see more of these images, I’ve added them in the “Essay” section of my editorial site:

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