Sep 202010

This past weekend I ventured into the Boulder mountains with my long time friend, Dean, and tried to tackle two peaks in one day. This adventure was aimed at connecting Ryan Peak (Kent’s northern neighbor and highest in the Boulder range) with Kent Peak, via the ridge they share.

Gaining the summit of Ryan was a walk, however, getting to Kent proved a greater challenge than we had anticipated. After descending from Ryan to the saddle between the two peaks, we began our “ascent” of Kent. The route forces you around and through numerous gendarmes of decomposing granite and limestone with random fins of solid rock surrounded by steep shale and talus fields ready to slide. The gendarmes made the route difficult to navigate.

After two hours of avoiding rock slides and starting inadvertent trundles, we found ourselves on top of an impasse, a 200′ cliff on the West face and a 1000′ cliff on Kent’s North face. Without ropes, the only way around these precipices was by descending nearly 1000′ of talus on the West face to get around the fin that created the smaller of the two cliffs. After descending a bit, our minds (via our quads) gladly used the impasse and forced descent as an excuse to end the pursuit of Kent’s summit! We kept descended Kent’s West face dreaming the world was covered in snow and that our feet were on our boards–not scree.

Side note: I used this trip to learn how to operate my Canon 5D Mark II SLR’s HD video function. Take a look (below) at the video from our adventure; my first go at SLR video!

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