Aug 172010

As with every wedding, the location is significant. Whether it is the bride or groom’s hometown or a destination, where guests gather for a wedding ceremony and reception means a great deal. Evan and Emily were married on home turf–literally. This wonderful couple brought together family and friends from all over the nation to Emily’s grandfather’s front lawn in Boise, Idaho. The grounds have been in the family since the mid sixties when the surrounding landscape was open range and the Boise river was only a short walk. Still, even today, the space was ideal for their wedding–not only because of the family roots, but, also because it sat under the same Poplar trees that shaded and the home that raised this family. After their ceremony, Emily and Evan moved the group to the Linen Building in downtown Boise. The reception had both the jazz band, The Frim Fram Four, followed by Caleidoscope DJ spinning tunes. In all, it was a fantastic celebration with Craig Edwards at the helm of the planning and floral arrangements! Congratulations to Emily and Evan and thank you for everything!

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  1. Very interesting logo =)

  2. What a beautiful couple!!!
    I feel movement with each photo.
    Love the logo.

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