Aug 132010

Living in Idaho where the sagebrush desert meets the world of conifers and high peaks is wonderful. We are afforded the experience of four seasons each possessing their own distinct beauty. While we do adventure into new areas frequently–and could spend every weekend hiking into a new high alpine cirque–it’s fun to travel!

This past July, I took my family and great friends, the Hanson’s, in to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. We spent five nights in the backcountry in two different sections of the National Park: the Ozette Loop and the Hoh River Trail.

As with every adventure we take into wilderness, my wife and I are pleasantly reminded that children find themselves completely and wonderfully entertained with the basics: wood, stone, water, & fire. Here are a few highlights from our week on the Peninsula…

  3 Responses to “Family Time :: Olympic National Park, Washington”

  1. Looks like an amazing trip. I dig the new site, sorry we missed you guys.

  2. I found this page through an image search of Olympic Nat’l Park. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I hope to get to see these same things next summer with our 4- and 7-year-olds. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I found this via a post by Northwest Navy life on FB, absolutely stunning photos!

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