Aug 252010

When I was in high school, a few buddies piled into my friend Tony’s rig and headed up into the Sierra. I remember our adventure was in the South Lake Tahoe area because we took the backroads through the Central Valley as a short cut to highway 50. Long story short, Tony’s truck broke down in Lodi on the way home. Needless to say, whenever I hear Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song, “Lodi,” it takes me back to that trip. As nostalgic as that memory is, I’m glad to add new thoughts about the town of Lodi–that of Sunny and Ken’s marriage!

Sunny and Ken were married at Wine & Roses which is idyllic for weddings in the Central Valley as it combines beautiful ceremony and reception settings with high end accomodations. It was all smiles for everyone at their wedding; Sunny was so happy on her day that you’d have never known the hook at the top of her dresses zipper was missing–requiring about fifteen minutes of inventive needlework by the bridesmaids! Ken was impressive in many ways: singing to his lovely bride, twice; and the man can put down shot after shot after shot. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather–congratulations Ken and Sunny!