Jul 232020

Class IV rapids, hot springs, and amazing camping

Though I’ve lived in Idaho for nearly 20 years, I’ve only been truly smitten by rivers, rafting and kayaking them, for the last ten. This year I was finally able to descend the Middle Fork of the Salmon! The Middle Fork is quite possibly the most dreamy river in the United States–100 miles of river canyon wilderness, class IV rapids, hot springs, and amazing camping.

Since this was my first trip down this wild and scenic river and I was the primary captain of my raft, most of my time was spent making sure I didn’t get stuck, pinned, wrapped, flipped, or otherwise mired on a house sized rock! However, I did find time to capture of my friends running the rapids.

Captain of my raft

After running the 100 miles in six days, if you, like me, find yourself sad that it’s over and want to hit the repeat button–you know you’re addicted to whitewater rafting. Personally, I can’t wait for the next time spent on this amazing river!

Middle Fork Rafting
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