Nov 282011

An image from Backcountry Magazine's 2012 Photo Annual

Backcountry skiing is so much more than the moments sliding downhill on our skis/boards. All of the hours, minutes, and seconds that lead up to removing skins and dropping in make the pursuit an adventure: waxing up skis in the shed, beer in one hand, thrift store iron in the other; the serpentine drive up mountain passes with great friends; huffing and puffing on the approach to favorite or new terrain; hootin’ & hollerin’ on the descents; and so many of the tiny moments in between. With this in mind, I tip my hat to the editors at Backcountry Magazine for their appreciation of the overall scene that encompasses the backcountry lifestyle and for selecting an image of mine for their 2012 Photo Edition. The image they chose fits “in-between” the turns we ultimately seek and is from a quick trip I took this past April to ski in the Beartooth Range with my friend Baldwin. The top left image is mine and shows Baldwin’s VW at the camp spot near the trailhead…ie. shows the VW as far as we could rally it up the canyon! The original post with more images from this trip can be seen here.

Go grab a copy of the magazine, better yet, keep the stoke going and subscribe!

  2 Responses to “Backcountry Magazine’s 2012 Photo Annual”

  1. Sweet!!

  2. love it man! I so miss my ’73 VW. I drove from NY to California in one of those….great memories. What a great feeling photo. Wish I had more photos like that to remember it!!! Wish we could have been there!

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