Sep 222010

Four or five years ago, Noilyn asked if I would be her high school Senior Project mentor. It was my first time as a mentor and I think we both learned a lot; me about teaching and Noilyn about photography. Looking back, I have to say Noilyn was one of the most dedicated and passionate students I have mentored since–especially considering she learned with a film camera.

A few months back, I dropped a line on Facebook saying I was considering bringing an intern into the fold. Within a few minutes, Noilyn posted her interest and I was psyched to interview her for the gig. So, for the next year, Noilyn will be learning from and shooting with me. Keep an eye out in the coming posts, as she’ll be given proper credit on all her images.

Last night I headed out with Noilyn and her man, Rob, to capture some portraits for them and to get to know one another better. I’m looking forward to having Noilyn as my intern and also the assets she will bring to my clients this next year.

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Especially the second to last one!

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