Aug 242017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

When I was a kid, my folks took our family to Hawaii for a vacation that happened to coincide with a partial eclipse. Though that eclipse happened on a cloudy day, I remember the dimmed sky and the birds becoming quiet, but, it was not a life altering event. Just this past Monday, my area here in Idaho experienced a total solar eclipse. I had prepared for it by finding a spot directly under the line of totality in one of the nearby mountain ranges I’ve come to love. A friend from my childhood and his teenage son joined me and my son for a three day backpacking trip to enjoy the event. I have to say that being within the shadow of the total eclipse was mind blowing! I wish it had lasted hours instead of minutes. There were so many surreal things happening-from the loss of radiant energy to the changing light-that it felt like a science fiction movie. The photo above is the one I captured of the two boys enjoying their first total eclipse.

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